Roberts Beat Junior Weight Record

E. R. Roberts ocC. (scratch) won the 35-pound handicap weight competition, held yesterday afternoon in the Cage, with an actual throw of 44 feet 9 inches. W. Arnold '18 (15 feet) won second place with a throw of 44 feet 6 inches, and M. H. Rudman uC. (20 feet) was third with 38 feet 10 inches. Roberts's throw beats the record established at the National Junior Championships last summer by 3 feet 9 inches.

The 16-pound handicap shot-put competition was won by M. H. Rudman uC. (11 feet) with a put of 38 feet 6 inches. Second third places were taken by A. T. Lyman '16 (scratch) and E. R. Roberts ocC. (2 feet) with puts of 37 feet 10 inches and 37 feet 1 inch, respectively.