Journalist Ball Team Faces Superlative Scholars Today.

Believing, with the Lord's Day League, that one day a week should be devoted to absolute rest and quiet, the CRIMSON ball team has set aside today for the purpose, and has accordingly scheduled a contest with the Phi Beta Kappa nine for this afternoon. Weary with intellectual toil, the scholars will creep to Soldiers Field in time to meet the journalistic juggernaut at about 3.30 o'clock. Partisans of the superlative students say that they will show a lot of inside baseball; but this does not discourage the CRIMSON. Past experience shows that Phi Beta Kappa baseball is usually so far inside that it can hardly be recognized as baseball at all.

The CRIMSON has made little special preparation for this game. The controlling heights will probably be occupied by Bishop, who successfully quelled the candidates several weeks ago. The material for the other positions is so abundant that they will probably be filled by lot.