Princeton Chooses Star Coaches

Princeton, N. J., May 16.--Eight assistant football coaches were appointed tonight by the Board of Athletic Control to assist Head Coach Rush next fall. They are: Philip King, halfback for four years and former head coach both at Princeton and Wisconsin; Arthur Hillebrand, tackle for four years and captain in senior year; Sanford White, end for two years and former coach at University of Nebraska; Thomas Wilson, brother of Captain Aleck Wilson of Yale, guard for two years and recently line coach at Wisconsin; Arthur Bluthenthal, center for two years, formerly field coach and last year center coach; Harold Ballin, tackle for three years, captain in senior year, former coach at Lafayette; and Bruce Cruikshank, captain of Washington and Jefferson in 1914 and now at Princeton Theological Seminary; and Edward Shea. Of these eight men, five have been named members of All-American teams.