Government I is Among Important Tests Listed Today.

The following examinations in courses conducted by the Faculty of Arts and Sciences will be given today and tomorrow. Unless otherwise stated, all examinations will begin at 9.15 o'clock. Today. Botany 5a,  Bot. Mus. 13b Chemistry 5: Bailey to Hutchinson (inclusive),  Emerson A Kendrick to Williams (inclusive),  Emerson F Comp. Literature 8,  Sever 30 Economics 2b: Adams to Henderson (inclusive),  Harvard 2 Hirsch to MacDonell (inclusive),  Harvard 3 Marsh to Wright (inclusive),  Harvard 6 Education 5,  Sever 6 Engin. Sciences 5,  Pierce 202 English 39: Aldis to Moorhead (inclusive),  Sever 5 Myers to Winternitz (inclusive),  Sever 6 Fine Arts 2a,  Fogg Lect.-rm. Fine Arts 2b,  Fogg Lect.-rm. German 1c,  Sever 11 German 4: Ashford to Gray (inclusive),  Sever 18 Gunraj to Williams (inclusive),  Sever 23 Government 1: Prof. Munro's sect. A,  Emerson J Mr. Anderson's sects.,  Emerson J Mr. Cochran's sects.,  New Lect. Hall Mr. Cross's sects. B1, B2,  Sever 35 Mr. Cross's sects. B3, B4,  Sever 36 Mr. Hanford's sects.,  Upper Mass. Mr. Knight's sects.,  New Lect. Hall Mr. Potter's sects.,  Emerson D Government 6b,  Lower Mass. Greek 8,  Sever 30 History A 2,  Andover B History 14: Appleton to Pinney (inclusive),  Sever 17 Rodgers to Wylde (inclusive),  Sever 18 Mathematics 9,  Harvard 5 Music 1a,  Sever 29 Philosophy 19,  Emerson D Physics 4c,  Lower Mass. Physiology 1,  Zool. Lect.-rm. Romance Philology 5,  Sever 29 Semitic 8,  Sever 29 Slavic 1a,  Sever 29 Zoology 3,  Harvard 5 Tomorrow. Chemistry 19,  Emerson J Chemistry 22,  Emerson D Economics 34,  Emerson D Engineering Sciences 3: Allen to McLean (inclusive),  Pierce 302 Marble to Young (inclusive),  Pierce 307 Fine Arts 10a,  Robinson Hall French 3,  Emerson D Government 23,  Emerson D Latin 7 hf.,  Emerson D Mathematics 32,  Emerson J Music 1,  Emerson J Philosophy 8,  Emerson J Physics 5,  Emerson J Semitic 22,  Emerson D Social Ethics 2,  Emerson J Spanish 7 hf.,  Emerson D Latin 7 hf.,  Emerson D 2 P.M. History 38,  Emerson J