Francis Boott Prize of $100 Awarded to Writer of Best Composition.

The prize for the best musical composition by a member of the University provided by Francis Boott '31 will be awarded under the following section of his will:

"An annual prize of $100 shall be awarded to the writer of the best composition in concerted vocal music. The competitors for this prize shall be either undergraduates or members of any graduate school of Harvard University."

The title-page of each composition must bear an assumed name, the writer also sending a sealed letter containing the real name and with the assumed name on the outside. The music must be for four voices (chorus, with or without solo voices) and with organ or piano accompaniment, the time required for performance not exceeding six minutes. The words may be either English or Latin, religious or secular, original or selected. A prize will be awarded only in case a manuscript is submitted that, in the opinion of the judges, is fully deserving of it. Manuscripts must be delivered to the chairman of the committee, Arthur Foote '74, at 81 Green street, Coolidge Corner, Brookline, by April 1, 1917.