The 1917 Photograph Committee has awarded the contract for the class photographs to Notman's Studio.

Appointments for sittings may be made in person, by mail, or by telephone, C. 3273. The class has been divided into three sections, those whose names begin with letters from A to F, G to K, and L to Z. The first group together with all men intending to leave College are urgently requested to make their appointments and have their pictures taken this week without fail. Unless members of the class who are leaving before mid-years have their pictures taken before that time, there will be no opportunity for them to get their pictures in the album.

The committee is trying to get the album out by May 1, which can only by accomplished if the entire class lends its co-operation.

Every man intending to purchase an album is asked to deposit two dollars which will be used by the Photograph Committee for current expenses. Blanks for this purpose will be left at Notman's which men may sign when they make their appointments.

There will also be a competition for book-plate designs to be used in the album. The dimensions of the plate should be about seven by nine inches. The competition will close February 1, and all designs should be sent before that date to the Photograph Committee, H. A. A. Only members of the Senior Class are eligible to compete.

The Committee will be pleased to receive from members of the class or others any suggestions concerning the Class Album they may care to offer. The suggestions may either be made personally to a member of the Committee or mailed to the H. A. A.