First Battalion Formation Will Take Place on October 20.

Work in Military Science I and II is progressing well both in the section meetings, lectures, and drills. Uniforms have been distributed to most of the men in Military Science II and to many in I. Companies E and F will receive their equipment today between 2 and 4 from the supply room in the basement of Persis Smith Hall. Companies G and H at the same time on Thursday, I and K on Friday, and L and M on Saturday. Enough equipment to outfit all the battalions will be obtained either from the uniforms already on hand or from more which will be furnished if necessary by the War Department.

Guns will be issued to the first battalion on Monday, the second battalion on Tuesday, and the third on Wednesday of next week.

The advisability of conducting more drills than at present for so long as the favorable weather continues has become evident to the officers in charge of the R. O. T. C., and as a result it has been decided to add one more hour a week to be devoted to drill commencing the week after next.

The first battalion formation will be held a week from next Saturday, October 20.

It is expected that a mass meeting will be held during the course of next week at which several graduates will speak with the purpose of recruiting the R. O. T. C. up to the strength of 1200 men.

No action has yet been taken as to cancelling all Monday afternoon athletic practice and substituting it by an extra two hours of drill on that day as was done last year, but the matter is receiving the attention of the military authorities.

The third battalion will drill this afternoon on the river embankment, or, in case of rain, under the east side of the Stadium, from 4.30 to 5.30