17 Appointed Provisional Ensigns And Enter Academy.

Among the members of the United States Naval Reserve who have been appointed provisional ensigns and detailed to Annapolis for instruction, there are seventeen men who entered the Reserve last year from the University. These provisional ensigns reported at Annapolis on Wednesday and will begin immediately a term of instruction lasting about three months. At the end of this time they will undergo an examination as to their fitness. If this is passed successfully, they will be made permanent ensigns and assigned to duty.

The following men were members of the University last year: J. B. Burnham '17, A. Coolidge '17, W. S. Crocker '18, C. P. Curtis '14, N. P. Darling '17, J. F. A. Davis '18, A. K. Dunbar '17, E. H. Ellison, Jr., '17, F. D. Harrower '18, B. Harwood '15, F. W. Hobbs '19, G. Hubbard '19, B. Norman '18, M. Phinney '19, L. M. Pratt, Jr., '18, C. A. Wood '17 and J. I. Wylde '17.