Burnham Lewis '20, of Philadelphia, Pa., was unanimously chosen captain of the 1917 informal cross-country team by the squad of runners at Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon. He was elected to succeed George Anderson King '18, of Washington, D. C., who did not return to college this fall. Lewis has made a remarkable record as a runner in the University; he was captain of the Freshman team last year, and starred by winning every race in which the 1920 team took part, concluding the season with a first place against the Yale Freshman at Belmont in the annual dual meet. Last spring Lewis was one of the most promising candidates for the distance runs, but the curtailing of athletics because of the war put an end to all practice before any races were held. This fall Lewis has only competed in one contest, the B. A. A. road race last Saturday, in which he captured third place.

At the same time yesterday afternoon, the Freshman harriers selected Dennis F. O'Connell '21, as their leader this year. O'Connell prepared at Exeter where he made an exceptional showing as a miler. He won many firsts in dual meets, among them a victory in the mile against the University Freshman team of two years ago, the last team to meet Exeter in track. Although he has never run cross-country regularly before this fall, O'Connell has proved himself the best man of the 1921 squad.