The second Liberty Loan drive is on. The second offensive waged by the American people as a whole against the German government has been started. The ultimate object is the destruction of the German armies through supplies of men and munitions on the western front. The immediate objective, however, is three billions of dollars pledged to the government before November 1.

The new battle is to be fought, not by artillery and soldiers at the front, but by the civilian population at home. It is a direct effort by the rank and file of the people to help win the war. Its success depends on cooperation. All the organization developed by the first Liberty Loan will be brought into play again, as artillery to blast the way. Every hamlet and town in this country must be reached before the artillery preparation is complete. Hard behind it, marching in the barrage of shells, will come the civilian infantry, consisting of every income-earning citizen of the United States, fighting with the weapon of economy and assisted by every other man, woman, and child in this country as ammunition carriers behind the firing line. Little battles will be fought on countless streets, in countless public meetings and rallies.

If everyone enlists, our civilian army will be unconquerable; the success of the battle is already assumed. But if many hang back, if there are skulkers and slinkers, then our courageous army is threatened with defeat, and our cause with disaster.