Student Employment Office Has Made it Possible For Many to Work Their Way Through College.

During the past year 1,655 positions were filled through applications to the Student Employment Office and 598 students have been afforded opportunities to work their way through College. The work was done in term time as well as during the summer, and graduate students in the various professional schools as well as undergraduates are included. Mr. Morris Gray, Jr., '06, who is in charge of the work of the Employment Office, has co-operated with the Graduate School of Business Administration and the Harvard Club of New York in finding opportunities for the students.

The annual report of the office shows an increase over the previous year in the number of positions filled during term time, but a falling off in the number filled during the summer. This, of course, is due to the considerable number of men engaged in war service last summer.

During the College year, 437 men were placed in positions, in which they earned $40,443.95. In the summer, 161 men were given jobs which netted $32,108.39. In addition to these amounts, $4,806.73 was earned by students employed as coaches, clerks, ticket-takers, waiters, etc., by the Athletic Association, making the total earnings of the positions filled through the Employment Office $77,356.07.