The lecture of Captain Ian Hay Beith scheduled for February 12 in the Union deserves a large audience. First hand impressions always have something of vital life which no impersonal speculation may attain. The Captain has spoken already at Yale and Princeton. His talk here is especially interesting because he speaks from the same platform where Mrs. Skeffington spoke, with a different view of the same events which have affected them both. His conclusions will be judged by the same judgments as were hers.

It is a striking commentary on the impartiality of Harvard men, which some sensational writers have striven in vain to assail, that two speakers holding such diverse opinions on great world events should speak under exactly the same conditions. With no show of boasting it may be said that the open-mindedness of the University's members is more than a word and a form. It is true in the sincerest spirit. All opinions that are sane and intelligent have here the same reception. They are judged on their merits.