I am of the opinion expressed by modern social psychologists that organized human intelligence will eventually be able to avert the calamity of war. And I am also of the conviction that, from the point of view of the Western Allies, this war is actually being waged against war. But it must be apparent to all thoughtful people that the precious inheritance of Anglo-Saxon democracy is now at stake; that America must be prepared to fight for it, as she has fought for it before. I believe that universal service is the fairest and most democratic method of preparedness, both military and industrial; and that a plan of universal service, largely conceived, will have a great constructive usefulness, whether or not we engage in war, in organizing the unity and happiness of the nation, in the construction of a better social order than that under which we now live. Harvard University has never failed in patriotism in times of need, and she is to be congratulated upon the prompt response of her undergraduate body in the present crisis. WINSTON CHURCHILL.