Three Championships Will be Decided In Annual Matches Held in Hemenway Gymnasium

The annual competition for the University, novice and Freshman fencing championships will be held in the fencing room of the Hemenway Gymnasium May 5. Any students of the University in regular standing as an undergraduates, graduate, or unclassified student, is eligible for the University championship. Any such student, provided he has not fenced for more than two years is eligible for the novice championship. For the 1920 championship any member of the Freshman Class is eligible.

A cup will be awarded to the winner of each of the three events. For the University and novice championships cups have again been offered by the H. A. A., and the winner of the Freshman tournament will be awarded the Roberts Cup, given last year for the first time by P. B. Roberts '14, when it was won by R. G. Crimmins '19. The University championship last year was won by T. J. Putnam 1M, G. H. Code '18, manager of this year's University team, winning the novice championship.

Blue-books have been placed at Leavitt and Peirce's and competitors are to sign up as soon as possible. Contestants for the University and novice championships who are not members of the University Fencers' Club will have to play an entry fee of one dollar per man.