T. Murai '18 and L. A. Perkins '18 Dived Three Times For Drowning Lad.

Taro Murai '18 and L. A. Perkins '18 rescued a 14 year old Melrose schoolboy from drowning on Saturday afternoon. They were walking through the woods of the Middlesex Fells when they heard the cries of the boy's companions. Rushing to the pond, whence the cries came, they were told that the youth, Herbert Faulkner, by name, of 11 Ashmont Park, Melrose, had' just disappeared for the third time. They dived in immediately but could find no trace of the missing boy, until at the third attempt Mural found his body and brought him to the surface from where Perkins assisted him ashore.

With the aid of Boy Scouts who were in the neighborhood, first aid was administered and the boy brought back to consciousness. Faulkner was then taken home and is reported to be recovering steadily.