It is fortunate news not only for the Senior Class, but for the whole College, that so large a proportion of the class as is promised will be here for Class Day. Ceremonies may mean little in actuality; but nothing means much in actuality if we analyze events too closely. Class Day is not merely a ceremony, but the reunion before the final separation of many good friendships and the renewal in memory of those always glorious "bright college days."

The chance seemed small only a few weeks ago of any respectable part of the class--in a numerical sense--being here for the final day. But thanks to the grace of the military authorities, who are seldom praised and often damned, 1917 will meet in battle strength the last day.

We can with cheerful confidence hope, although there are always dismal doubts, that the class at its first reunion next year will assemble in yet larger force, with the fourth which will be absent next Tuesday also present.