There will be a meeting of all members of the University who intend to row this fall in Newell Boat Club today at 3.30 o'clock. At this time all candidates for this year's Freshman squad, as well as any members of the three upper classes who wish to row in interclass or interclub contests, should report. The meeting will be addressed by Coach William Haines, who has coached the University crews for the past two years in conjunction with R. F. Herrick '90; and by H. L. F. Kreger '16, coxswain of the victorious Henley crew in 1914, and coach of last year's Gore Hall crew.

If sufficient candidates report crews will be picked to represent each of the Freshman dormitories, and several club eights will be chosen from the Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. Ample coaching facilities will be furnished, and every man will have an opportunity to row throughout the fall. The rowing will be so arranged that those men who are taking Military Science, or who have afternoon laboratory work will not be barred out of the competition. The work will be much the same as last year, the Freshmen being formed into interdormitory crews, and the upper classmen into club crews. Later in the season there will be an interclass regatta if this can be arranged with the material on hand.

There will be a Freshman crew in the spring to compete with Yale, and those reporting this fall will be so much advanced toward success in next spring's competition. The Freshman crew will be awarded numerals as in previous years, and the winning crews in what ever fall races may be arranged, will be given suitable caps or medals. No previous experience is necessary, and this fall's competition offers the best coaching opportunities ever given to new men. It will be necessary for candidates to supply themselves with the following equipment: Sweater, rowing shoes, hat, rowing pants, shirt, long drawers, and socks.

At the present time it is planned to have the regular University crew next spring in case the war should be over by that time. Therefore the Upper classmen who report for fall rowing will be in a far better position to win positions on the University than those who fail to avail themselves of this opportunity. No "H" men will be back. If a University crew is formed next spring, it will be built around a nucleus formed by the few men who will return and who held positions last year on the second and third crews. This leaves several vacancies for new men, which, in all probability would be filled from those reporting for fall rowing