Manuscripts in Competition for Addison Brown Prize of $100 Will be Due on May 1, 1918.

The annual prize of $100 offered to students of the Law School by Addison Brown '52, late judge of the District Court for the Southern District of New York, will be competed for this year. The prize is given for the best essay on any one of a group of designated subjects of maritime or private international law. The list of subjects for this year follows:

(1) The domicile of a married woman.

(2) Taxation of the corporate excess of interstate corporations.

(3) A comparison of the British Marine Insurance Act of 1906 with American law.

(4) When does title to a prize pass?

Every essay offered for the prize must be legibly written or typewritten upon quarto size paper which can be bound. The title page must bear an assumed name and the writer must turn in a sealed letter containing his real name inside and the assumed name on the outside.

The manuscripts must be delivered to the Secretary of the Law School not later than May 1, 1918. The prize will be withheld at the discretion of the judges if no essay is deemed good enough.