Radio School to Go April 1

There will be no naval radio men quartered in Cambridge after April 1. The United States Naval Radio School, which was opened here at the time the nation entered the war, and which has served for a year as the central station for the final training of wireless men for every branch of service, will be transferred to the Great Lakes Training Station, Chicago, in four months.

The Great Lakes School has served heretofore as a subsidiary station, sending from 100 to 200 men a week to Cambridge for the course of four months.

The temporary barracks on the Common will be removed, and the grounds restored to their prewar condition, according to Rear Admiral Spencer S. Wood, inasmuch as the government intends to keep its contract with the city of Cambridge. It had been suggested that these buildings, which can accommodate 3000 men, be used as a hospital for the wounded returning from Europe, but the announcement of the selection of Camp Devens for this purpose apparently disposes of the possibility