Chances for a Yale hockey game for both the University and Freshman hockey teams have been considerably brightened by the break-up of the S. A. T. C. However, it will not be possible to start any organized athletics until after the Christmas recess.

Definite plans for intercollegiate athletic competition this spring will be discussed at a meeting of representatives of the various universities in New York, December '27. It is expected that baseball, track, and crew, as well as the spring minor sports, will have almost normal seasons.

How soon the University will take back Hemenway Gymnasium has not yet been decided, but for the present plans are under way to accommodate as many men as possible in Randolph Gymnasium. It is hoped to start again this year the daily informal gymnasium class which proved such a success last year. Attendance at the class is to be entirely voluntary, the object being to give recreation and exercise to those members of the University who wish it. It will meet daily at five o'clock.