Reserve Officers' Training Oorps

April 24, 1918.

General Order No. 16:

1. The several battalions of this Regiment will proceed to Wakefield on the following dates for a two days' tour of instruction in Rifle Practice.

First Battalion--April 26.

Second Battalion--May 3.

Third Battalion--May 10.

2. The Battalion Commanders will prepare and publish the necessary orders.

By order of the Commandant.   P. W. LONG,   Captain and Adjutant.

First Battalion, Harvard R. O. T. C.  Cambridge, Mass.,  April 24, 1918.

Orders No. 1:

1. Non-commissioned officers of the first Battalion will report between 9 A. M. and 5 P. M. at the Armory on Thursday, April 25th, to receive canteens.

2. Ponchos will be worn on the belt for the drill on April 25th.

3. Men will take with them to Wakefield the following articles, rolled in their ponchos:

Tooth brush, soap, toilet articles (including razor), pair of socks, set of underclothes, pajamas, towel. No other articles will be taken in the rolls.

4. The Battalion will form promptly at 3.30 on Friday, April 26th, on Cambridge street, facing east, the head resting opposite the Fogg Museum.

5. Uniforms--Campaign hat, O. D. shirt, O. D. coat, O. D. breeches, poncho, worn as horse collar and containing articles listed above.

By order of the Battalion Commander.  E. K. RAND,  1st Lieutenant and Adjutant.


Drill only men will not accompany their companies to the Wakefield Rifle Range.

By order of the Commandant.  P. W. LONG,  Captain and Adjutant.  April 24, 1918.

Applications for Attendance at Government Camps.

1. Men wishing to apply for the Harvard R. O. T. C. quota to the Fourth Officers' Training Camps, opening May 15th, must do so not later than Saturday noon.

2. Men in Military Science 2 wishing to attend the June under-age camp, date not yet announced, for further R. O. T. C. instruction, but not wishing to obligate themselves by signing agreement to attend, should give their names to Miss Cunningham not later the Saturday noon.

By order of the Commandant.  P. W. LONG,  Captain and Adjutant