Forty-three former members of the University have been graduated from the Third Officers' Training Camp at Camp Upton, Yaphank, L. I., and are now rated as eligible for commissions as second lieutenants in the Army. Only six of the 49 men who entered the training schools as members of the University's quota failed to qualify for commissions at the end of the course. The future officers will be called for active duty in their commissioned grades as soon as needed by the Government.

Rated as Eligible.

The names of the men who have received recommendations for second lieutenancies are as follows: A. E. Angier '20, Infantry; Augustus Aspinwall '20, Infantry; F. R. Austin '20, Infantry; J. W. Brewer '17, Infantry; R. T. Bushnell '19, Infantry; P. M. Cabot '18, Field Artillery; J. Cooper '18, Infantry; C. J. Coulter '19, Infantry; C. E. Daly '18, Infantry; S. W. Dickey '18, Infantry; P. B. Elliott '19, Infantry; C. H. Fiske, 3d, '19, Infantry; G. A. Furness '18, Field Artillery; Eugene Galligan '17, Infantry; E. P. Hamilton '18, Field Artillery; W. B. Harvey '19, Infantry; F. W. Hatch '19, Infantry; W. A. Hochheim '19, Infantry; D. B. Hull '19, Infantry; Leonard Jackson '19, Infantry; Meyer Kestnbaum '19, Infantry; J. A. Kiggen, Jr., '19, Field Artillery; A. K. Marsh '21, Infantry; Chase Mellen, Jr., '20, Infantry; E. H. Morse '20, Infantry; K. B. G. Parson '16, Infantry; J. R. Parsons '19, Infantry; R. A. Perry '20, Infantry; S. S. Pierce '19, Infantry; C. T. Prindeville '18, Field Artillery; L. F. Ranlett '21, Infantry; A. J. Reardon 2M, Infantry; Harold St. John '20, Infantry; C. S. Shaughnessy '18, Infantry; T. A. Smith '18, Infantry; W. E. Sullivan '18, Infantry; W. S. Thurber '19, Infantry; L. A. Wheeler '18, Field Artillery; H. L. Whitney '20, Infantry; V. H. Willard '18, Infantry; S. T. Williamson, Gr., Infantry; C. E. Works '19, Field Artillery; L. H. Zach '18, Infantry.

Others Commissioned.

At Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.: R. H. Brooks '19, Infantry.

At Camp Gordon, Ga.: W. H. Bartlett '18, Field Artillery.