With the total amount of subscriptions taken by the College standing at $56,050, a sum almost double the quota set by the Committee, the University's Third Liberty Loan Campaign is now officially closed. Every class but the Seniors exceeded its quota by a large sum, and in addition the totals ascribed to Miscellaneous, the Faculty, and the Graduate Schools bring the University's final subscription up to a sum of $104,400.

The Freshmen lead the list of class totals with an amount almost up to the College quota of $30,000. The Sophomores and the class of 1919 also over-subscribed their quotas by large amounts. Only the Seniors failed--to reach their goal.

Although the formal campaign at the University has now drawn to a close, it is urged that any men who wish to canvass do so, and that all members of the University continue buying until the end of the national drive. The Liberty Loan office in the CRIMSON Building will remain open to receive further subscriptions and all results will be published daily.