Yesterday the Liberty Loan Committee announced that the following official quotas have been assigned to the College: Seniors (plus unclassified and out-of-course men),  $4,800 Juniors,  6,600 Sophomores,  8,100 Freshmen,  10,500 College quota,  $30,000

With a total subscription of $800 for the opening day of the drive, the University has now got under way in its campaign, and it is expected that the men will now follow up this mediocre beginning with far heavier totals in the coming days of the Loan Campaign. The aforesaid total that was handed in yesterday may, in some measure, be pardoned for its lack of volume by the fact that the sum does not include the collections of the Freshman canvassers, who are due to make their first report today. Nevertheless, it is certain that the University, and the members of the College especially, must answer the call of the country for funds with far greater enthusiasm and zeal in the future if they are to fulfill the quota assigned them,--a quota which is over $5,000 less than the sum collected in the drive for the Second Liberty Loan.

Once again the attention of the members of the Faculty and of the Graduate Schools is called to the fact that the University is looking to them in the hope that they will add the sums of their bond purchases to the total collection of the University. Moreover, in order to offset the objections of many men who want their subscriptions to count at home, these buyers may subscribe through the University Committee, have their sums credited to their local banks and, at the same time, have the amount of their subscriptions used to increase the University's total collection, without entering the sale toward the benefit of Cambridge.

All canvassers should be sure to instruct the purchasers to call immediately at the bank through which they are making their subscriptions and exchange their temporary receipts for final ones issued by the bank.