"But The Soul Burns On To Light Men's Feet Where Death For Noble Ends Makes Dying Sweet."

An Honor Roll of Harvard Men who have laid down their lives for liberty and democracy in the present war.

"Manus haec inimica tyrannis."

George Williamson, A.B. '05.

Edward Mandell Stone, A.B. '08.

Andre Cheronnet Champollion, A.B. '02.

Calvin Wellington Day, Gr. '12-'14.

Carlton Thayer Brodrick, A.B. '08.

Harry Gustav Byng '13.

Harold Marion-Crawford '11.

Henry Weston Farnsworth, A.B. '12.

Charles Robert Cross, A.B. '03.

Archibald Hamilton Ramsay '07.

George Stetson Taylor, A.B. '08.

Merrill Stanton Gaunt, And. '14-'16.

Alen Mackenzie Cleghorn '98-'00.

Crosby Church Whitman, A.B. '86.

Luther Mitchell Ferguson, A.B. '10.

Victor Emmanuel Chapman, A.B. '13.

Clyde Fairbanks Maxwell, A.B. '14.

Alan Seeger, A.B. '10.

Carl Chadwick, A.B. '10.

Henry Augustus Colt '10.

Robert Edouard Pellissier, S.B. '04.

Dillwyn Parrish Starr '08.

Norman Prince, A.B. '08.

Edward Carter Sortwell '11.

Henry Richard Deighton Simpson '18.

Howard Burchard Lines, LL.B. '15.

Henry Gorell Barnes, L. '03-'04.

Addison Leech Bliss '16.

Henry Montgomery Suckley, A.B. '10.

Harold Chandler Kimball '12.

Alexander Dale Muir, Gr. '12-'15.

Ronald Wood Hoskier '18.

Jean Sanchez Abreu, A.B. '14.

Harmon Bushnell Craig '19.

Braxton Bigelow '09.

Oliver Moulton Chadwick, A.B. '11.

Charles Edward Balch Folsom '18.

Roderick Kennedy, S.B. '17.

William Henry Meeker, A.B. '17.

Paul Cody Bentley, A.B. '17.

George Plummer Howe, A.B. '00.

Robert Williams, A.B. '11.

Frederick Allen Forster, A.B. '10.

Ezra Charles Fitch '05.

Samuel Wiggins Skinner, A.B. '15.

Wainwright Merrill '19.

Henry Brewster Palmer, A.B. '10.

Phillips Ward Page, A.B. '09.

William Hague, A.B. '04.

William Smith Ely, A.B. '17.

Augustus Peabody Gardner, A.B. '86.

William Halsall Cheney '20.

Richard Cutts Fairfield '21.

Chester Thomas Calder, L. '11-'12.

Edward Seguin Couch, Coll. '16-'17.

Albert Dillon Sturtevant, L. '16-'17.

James Fenimore Cooper, Jr., L. '14-'16.

Philip Comfort Starr '14.

Edward McClure Peters, S.B. '16.

Briggs Kilburn Adams, A.B. '17.

Robert Horner Hogg '06.

Sampton Walter Arnheim, A.B. '10.

Ralph Jefferson Feigl '19.

Ralph Sherman Hopkins, A.B. '11.

William Baillie Fraser-Campbell '11.

Quincy Shaw Greene, A.B. '13.

Raynal Cawthorne Bolling, A.B. '00.

Edward Hale Perry, A.B. '09.

Lionel de Jersey Harvard, A.B. '15.

Victor Raleigh Craigie, Gr. '13-'14.

Franklin Temple Ingraham, A.B. '14.

Arthur Broadfield Warren, A.B. '15.

William Wallace Thayer '16.

William Key Bond Emerson, Jr., '16.

James Palache '18.

William Dennison Lyon '15.

Paul Borda Kurtz, A.B. '16.

John Radford Abbott, A.B. '14.

Kenneth Pickens Culbert, A.B. '17.

Richard Mortimer, Jr., A.B. '17.

"Just as the spirits of their dead heroes watching over them urged on the French soldiers at the Battle of the Marne to hurl back the invading hordes, so must the spirits of our glorious heroes who faced a splendid and cruel death unflinchingly, lead us to consecrate our all for the Allied Cause," said Lieutenant Morize in his Memorial Day address in Sanders Theatre yesterday noon. The exercises, which were under the auspices of the University Memorial Society, and over which Major Henry L. Higginson '55 presided, centered about the presentation by the Society of a tablet containing the above names of University men who have been killed in the war.

The roll was presented by William Coolidge Lane '81 in behalf of the Memorial Society and accepted by President Lowell, who thanked the Society for the gift, and said:

"It is most opportune that this day should come at a time when our outlook is the darkest it has been since we entered the war. But it is on the darkest night that the stars shine brightest, and so these honored dead must take on a new brilliancy for us today."

The exercises were opened with prayer by Bishop Lawrence, after which Major Higginson made a brief speech. The principal address of the day was made by Lieutenant Morize, who spoke at some length on the added significance of Memorial Day this year, and the lessons we must learn from our dead. He showed how the men who have given their lives to their country teach us not only how to die, but also how to live. "The simile of one runner handing on the torch to the next, never letting the flame die out, is ever true," he declared, "and let us remember that the fewer the number remaining, the higher will mount the flame. I can see you young men reaching out with eager hands to take the torch."

Colonel Azan was a guest of honor at the exercises, which were attended by University veterans, the R. O. T. C., and many graduates.