Columbia Students Show Lack of Enthusiasm for Slater Law Drills

Several hundred Columbia students between the ages of sixteen and nineteen were still missing when officers of the New York State Military Training Commission called the roll at the second of the Slater law drills Tuesday afternoon in the 23d Regiment Armory. Two hundred students, in addition to the fifty who reported on Monday, were on hand yesterday.

Figures available yesterday indicated that same 300 of the Columbia recruits have still failed to obey the order to report to the Armory, although they received notification from both the state and the University. Drastic steps will be taken within a few days to bring the delinquents into line, officers of the State Commission said last night, although the university may be appealed to first before more vigorous measures are used.

Lieutenant Colonel A. R. Edwards, commandant of the Columbia R. O. T. C., said that most of the tardy students failed to appear at the armory because they did not realize the seriousness of the state order. In his opinion there are no indications that they are attempting to evade military service.