Record Number of Men Played Against Yale Last Saturday.

An unusual number of Freshmen received their numerals, subject to the approval of the Athletic Committee, for having played in the football game against Yale. In all, twenty-five men, including the manager, are entitled to wear their 1923. Their names follow:

Louis Pratt Brown of Glen Falls, N. Y.; Charles Chauncy Buell of Hartford, Conn.; Vinton Chapin of Boston, Winthrop Hallowell Churchill of Milton, Henry Wadsworth Clark of Ketchikan, Alaska; Bernard Sheridan Cogan of Stoneham, Joseph Morgan Cooper of Syracuse. N. Y.; Charles Kimball Cummings, Jr., of Boston; Louis De Jonge of Fitchburg, John Dempsey of Boston, Francis Fiske of Needham, Joseph Milton Hartley of Fairmount, West Va.; Alexander Haven Ladd, Jr., of Milton, Charles Carroll Lee of New York, N. Y.; George Owen, Jr., of Newton, Langdon Ward Post of Bayport, Long Island, N. Y.; Francis Rouillard of Chicope Falls, Edward Gillette Selden of Andover, Marion Wesley Self of Abilene, Texas; Walter keith Shaw of Concord, Duncan Forbes Thayer of Lancaster, Phillip Elder Wilson of Gloucester, Willis Brown Wood of Plainfield, N. J.; Robert Worthington of Dedham, and Manager Bradlee De Lameter Nash of Brookline.