Tentative Line-up Selected for a First University Team.

Team A has been awarded the set of cups offered by the Boston Lacrosse Club to the team winning the series of scrub games held this fall. The three teams competing were made up indiscriminately of Freshmen and upperclassmen, and games were held weekly.

Coach Cochran, basing his selection upon the ability the players showed in the games, has made up a provisional first University team to meet the Boston Lacrosse Club next Saturday in the first game of a series. The line-up will be as follows: G., Pratt; p., Leslie; c.p., Flynn; 1d., Hall (Capt.); 2d., Wobber; 3d., D. Hall; c., Bridge; 3a., Thompson; 2a., Nunneker; 1a., Jewell; o.h., Frenier; i.h., Kimball. These men will probably constitute the twelve to be sent on the Southern trip next spring.