Conquer Militarism.


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Your editorial on universal military training does not, I hope, express the general attitude of Harvard on the subject. Some of us here think that the war has not been fought in vain.

We need not worry about giving foreign immigrants the opportunity to derive the benefits of universal military service. They have had that precious privilege in Europe for years and it has been one of the things that has caused people to come to the United States, hitherto free from the blight of Europe.

Universal military training breeds war by producing large opposing forces. During the war it was necessary but the war is over now. The adoption of universal military training will prove that the war has been morally lost because we fought against militarism in all its forms, incipient or full-grown. The American people must demonstrate to the satisfaction of liberals the world over, that they have not been "conquered by the spirit of the German militarism which they set out to overthrow". Military training should be rejected. SEYMOUR B. QUEL, Unc.