The Phillips Brooks House Discussion Groups met with a hearty response from the undergraduate body yesterday. Within twelve hours 80 men had joined the movement so that it was apparent that the contemplated number of groups would be too small. The groups are nearly all full, but men who wish to join those at present organized will be given until 2 o'clock today to enroll. Blanks for the purpose are at the CRIMSON Building, the check room in Widener, and at Phillips Brooks House. Plans for additional groups will be announced in tomorrow's CRIMSON.

"I heartily indorse any organization which will further the serious thought and expression of college undergraduates," said Ex-President Taft in an interview with a CRIMSON reporter. "When I was at Yale we had debating and discussion organizations in which the most prominent men took an interest and which had a great deal to do with the development of some that later went into public life. Practice in forming and expressing opinions is of the highest importance to college men; I have nothing but approval for an organized system of discussion groups."