Another Mt. Auburn St. Funeral Likely To Follow Annihilation of Ibis.

This afternoon will mark the true resumption of athletics on the pre-war basis when the CRIMSON'S crack hockey seven meets Lampy on the ice of Charles bank. In accordance with the desires of the Committee for the Abolition of Athletic Sports both squads have neglected all training table regulations, and will continue to do so throughout the contest. Although it is expected that the Lampoon warriors will still show evidences of the same punch with which they downed Yale, nevertheless no doubt exists in sporting circles that a victory without peace will break the historic tie.

The barrage will life promptly at 3.37 P. M., Cambridge time, when A. Beane blows his nose, thus starting the fracas. Tickets may be secured as usual from Keezer, Terry, and Sewing Circle publicity agents, though it must be borne in mind that women, children and Phillips Brooks House canvassers will be positively barred. At a late hour last night the Lampoon announced the following cast of puck pushers and shin-whangers:

Paul Rojay, left bower; Major Flynn, right guide; father van Allen, point; Jane Addams (by special arrangement) cover point; the Kronprinz, no point. Also prohibitionists, ambulance drivers, gun men, cross red nurses, Waacs, etc.