Registration figures obtained yesterday by the CRIMSON show a total enrollment of 2,021 undergraduates in the University, which is within 300 of the registration in a normal year. The class of 1922 is strongest in numbers having a total of 539 members, which is 17 more that last year's Freshman class had. There are 514 Sophomores and 404 Juniors. The Senior class is smallest with 207 men.

Owing to the unsettled war conditions there are many more unclassified and out-of-course men than usual; 288 men are unclassified while 69 are out-of-course.

The undergraduate representation by states shows that the University still draws a great majority of its members from one section of the country, although all but five states in the Union are represented. There are 1,174 men from Massachusetts, which furnishes, therefore, over half the undergraduates of the University. The next state is New York with a total of 236. The states unrepresented are: Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The District of Columbia has a total of 14, while the territories of Porto Rice and Hawall have 2 each.

Seven foreign countries are represented, led by China with 9 men. Canada follows with 6, while Japan, Brazil, Bolivia, France, and Egypt have one each.

The enrollment by states is as follows: Alabama 2, Arizona 2, Arkansas 1, California 20, Colorado 10, Connecticut 34, Delaware 1, Florida 5, Georgia 8, Illinois 54, Indiana 21, Iowa 10, Kansas 3, Kentucky 5, Louisiana 3, Maine 15, Maryland 14, Massachusetts 1,174, Michigan 4, Minnesota 20, Missouri 32, Montana 2, Nebraska 8, Nevada 1, New Hampshire 29, New Jersey 55, New Mexico 1, New York 236, North Carolina 2, Ohion 69, Oklahoma 2, Oregon 9, Pennsylvania 65, Rhode Island 19, South Carolina 2, Tennesee 1, Texas 6, Utah 3, Vermont 7, Virginia 4, Washington 10, West Virginia 1, Wisconsin 14