Fair Play for the Magazine.


To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

We should like to congratulate the CRIMSON on its stand in reference to the Harvard Magazine and the scurrilous red-covered parody thereon; but we think a word more might be said.

It seems pitiable that in a University such as Harvard, a new publication of evident literary merit cannot be brought to light without a most unfair attack being made upon it by certain narrow minded editors of the established literary organ. History teaches that when satire is used, decay has set in. Surely dishonest competition, anonymously conducted, discloses a moribund state of affairs. How can a small group of men who have failed in keeping alive Harvard's undergraduate literary traditions presume to sneer out of existence a publication of real literary promise? It is merely another attempt by the "vested interest" to stifle literary activity in the University.

We trust that all Harvard men who believe in fair play will judge the Harvard Magazine by its worth alone. E. W. PAVENSTEADT, JR., '20   R. (MCA. LLOYD, JR., '19.)