Because of the fact that only forty percent of the required minimum of 100 students have enrolled in the Field Artillery Unit, at Princeton, it may not be possible to keep a unit there. AT the present time, only three Seniors, four Juniors, nine Sophomores, and 23 Freshmen, a total of 39 out of the 1,200 students of the university, have signified their intention of joining.

Those who enlist in the unit this spring are not required to enroll for the entire four year course and do not have to try for a commission. If they enroll, however, they must take two years of academic work in the military department, and attend one summer camp. This completes the basic course. Those who desire commissions may sign up for the remaining two years, and receive $142 a year from the government.

It has been arranged so that it is optional with the members of the three lower classes as to whether they attend the camps this summer or not, but every one who desires a commission must attend three summer camps before the completion of the course. It will probably be possible for students who desire to make up the back work in order to get a commission to attend two camps in one summer.

Freshmen can receive a commission as second lieutenants, Field Artillery Reserve Corps, by enlisting this spring, and completing the four years of academic work and the three summer camps. Sophomores who desire commissions can obtain them by starting in this spring and making up the remaining three years in two. Only those Juniors and Seniors who have had enough previous field artillery training to bring them up to date in their military work can be commissioned. The work for all classes has been arranged so that men taking part in athletic can attend.