That only a little over one-half of the quota assigned to the College has so far been subscribed does not augur well for the success of the Victory Loan drive, especially since there remains but one more week. It should be a particular cause for meditation, however, that little over one tenth of the undergraduates have yet bought bonds.

It is evident that the canvassers have, with few exceptions, shown little or no energy. Many students have not been approached. The undergraduates should not forget that their responsibility for the success of the loan at the University is every bit as great as that of the committee.

College undergraduates are noted for being casual. It is a great deal easier to sit around and wait for someone to start something than to walk up to the CRIMSON Office and buy your own bond. The canvassers should not have to spend their time prodding the laziness of those who intend to buy anyhow. We must all take more than a passive interest unless.