In anticipation of the coming crew race and baseball games with the University, Yale's oarsmen and ball players are devoting themselves to vigorous preparation for these events. The rowing squad has already taken up its headquarters at Gale's Ferry, while the baseball men, spurred on by their defeat by Princeton last Saturday, are trying hard to develop a smooth-working and powerful combination.

Four Yale eights are now practising on the Thames,--the first two university crews, the Freshman crew, and a "Cosmopolitan" crew, the last composed of four university and four freshman substitutes. The boats had their first practice from their new quarters on Monday, and hereafter will row twice a day under the supervision of Coach Mather Abbott. Dr. Abbott, who is a member of the college faculty, was a former Oxford University oarsman, and for some time the rowing coach at Groton School. At the last visit of the Yale crew to Gale's Ferry, three years ago, he was assistant coach to the famous professional, Guy Nickalls.

The two university crews have been nearly equally balanced in strength for several weeks, and it is yet uncertain which will be selected to row as the first crew in the four-mile race, and which as the second crew to compete in the two-mile event, on June 20. As designated at present, the first eight has defeated Princeton, and the second has beaten Pennsylvania, while the freshman boat finished second in the race for 1922 shells which was part of the American Henley Regatta on the Schuylkill River last Saturday.

The two university crews are now rowing as follows:

First.--Stroke, Maynard; 7, Driscoll; 6, Payson; 5, Captain Mead; 4, Schieffelin; 3, Adams; 2, Schreiber; bow, Enders; coxswain, Carson.

Second.--Stroke, Heminway; 7, Allen; 6, Ewing; 5, Brownell; 4, Moulton; 3, Benson; 2, Hord; bow, Hare; coxswain, Lashar.

Maynard, who has been rowing at stroke in the "Cosmopolitan" shell, is only temporarily taking the place of Peters in the first boat, who has been incapacitated for a short time on account of boils on his left wrist.

Nine Rallying From Slump.

The baseball team has so far been handicapped by a lack of experience, with inclement weather as the chief cause. Due to rain or cold, Yale has had to cancel a total of nine games so far, and of the ten already played, she has won but four. After the first three games of the season, one of them a victory over the strong Fordham nine, the team took a bad slump and suffered five straight defeats. In a rally last Wednesday provement in both batting and fielding and defeated Amherst 7-4. In the game with Princeton on Saturday, Robinson held the Tigers to two hits until the 11th inning, when he allowed three singles in succession to bring in the winning tally