At the last meeting of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences sixty-one appointments were officially approved. The list includes 25 instructors, six tutors, eighteen teaching fellows, and twelve assistants.

The complete appointments are as follows:

For one year from September 1, 1919--Gordon Maskew Fair, S.B., Sanitary Inspector and Instructor in Sanitary Engineering.

Morris Gray, A.B., Secretary for Employment.

Thurman Los Hood, A.M., Instructor in English and Secretary of the Committee on the Use of English by Students.

Francis Welles Hunnewell, A.B., L.L.B., Secretary to the Corporation.

Wolfert Gerson Webber, A.B., M.D., Edward Hickling Bradford Fellow in Medical Research.

Joseph Wright, Superintendent of the Library for Municipal Research.

Robert Pierce Casey, A.B., Proctor in Divinity Hall.

Instructors for one year from September 1, 1919:

Ramiro Arratia, A.B. (Spanish).

Paul Franklin Baum, Ph.D. (English).

John Felt Cole, A.B. (Astronomy).

Robert Wheaton, Coues, A.M. (English).

Robert Franklin Field, A.M. (Physics).

Allen French, S.B., A.B. (Physics)

Norris Folger Hall, Ph.D. (Chemistry).

Asbury Haven Herrick, Ph.D. (German and French).

John Hornicek, A.M. (Romance Languages).

Clarence Erskine Kelley, A.M. (Astronomy).

George La Piana, S.T.M., Ph.D., (Church History).

George Luther Lincoln, A.M. (Romance Languages).

Archibald Forster McGoun, A.B., B.C.L. (Economics).

Martin Mower (Fine Arts).

Eugene Fred Parker, S.B., A.M., (Romance Languages).

William Graves Perry, A.B., S.B., (Architectural Design).

Ray Waldron Pettengill, Ph.D. (German).

Arthur Stanwood Pier, A.B. (English).

Edward Dudley Tibbits Pousland, A.B. (French).

Arthur Litchfield Russell, S.B. (Electrical Engineering).

Friedrich Schoenemann, Ph.D. (German).

Rufus Stickney Tucker, Ph.D. (Economics).

Walter Elwood Vail, S.B. (Chemistry).

Brewer Goddard Whitmore, A.M. (English).

John Wilson (Modelling).

Tutors in the Division of History, Government, and Economics for one year from-September 1, 1919:

John Alley, A.B.

John Dickinson, A.M.

Alfred Chester Hanford, A.M.

Orren Chalmer Hormell, A.M.

Caleb Perry Patterson, Ph.D.

Brewer Goddard Whitemore, A.M.

Austin Teaching Follows for one year from September 1, 1919:

Herman Thompson Briscoe, A.B. (Chemistry).

Albert Howard Bump (Chemistry).

Herbert Greenleaf Coar, A.M. (Zoology).

Edwin Baxter Damon (Chemistry).

Merrill James Dorcas (Chemistry).

Duncan Graham Foster, A.B. (Chemistry).

Frank Stanton Burns Gavin, A.M., S.T.M. (Church History).

Ondess Lamar Inman, A.B., S.M., (Botany).

Ernest Lee Jackson, A.B. S.M., (Chemistry).

Hovey Jordan, S.M. (Zoology)

Milan Alexander Logan (Chemistry).

James Montrose Duncan Olmsted, A.M. (Zoology).

Kenneth H. Parker, A.B. (Chemistry).

Dorus Powers Randall, A.M. (Physics).

Cleveland Sylvester Simkins, A.B. (Zoology).

Howard Raymond Tate, S.B. (Chemistry).

Donald Stuart Welch, S.B. (Botany).

Edward Mitchell Weston, A.B. (Chemistry).

Assistants for one year from September 1, 1919:

Joseph Auslander, A.B. (English).

James Armstrong Duncan, S.B. (Physics).

Edward Randolph Gay (Physics).

Benjamin Harrison Lehman, A.M. (English).

David Hunt Linder (Botany).

Archibald McLeish, A.B. (Government).

Malcolm Perrine McNair, A.B. (English).

Oran Levi Raber, A.M. (Botany).

Lloyd Lorenzo Shaulis, A.B. (Economics).

Joseph Lyons Snider, A.M. (Social Ethics).

Kossuth Mayer Williamson, A.M. (Economics).

Robert Winternitz, A.M. (English).

From July 1, 1919, to July 1, 1920:

Frans Edvard Hubert Velander, C.E., A.M., Assistant in Electrical Engineering.

Lecturers for the second half of the academic year 1919-20:

William Lytle Schurz, A.M. (Latin-American History and Economics).

Edward Burr Van Vleck, Ph.D., LL.D., Dr. Mathematics and Physics, S.D., (Mathematics)

From March 28, 1919, for the remainder of the academic year 1918-19:

James Coggeshall, Jr., Tutor in the Division of History, Government, and Economics.

The Cancer Commission of Harvard University.

For one year from September 1, 1919:

Robert Battey Greenough, A.B., M.D., Director.

Channing Chamberlain Simmons, M.D., Secretary.

Roger Pierce, A.B., Treasurer.

James Homer Wright, A.M., M.D., S.D., Pathologist, in charge of Free Diagnosis Service.

William Duane, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Physics.

William T. Bovie Ph.D., Research Fellow in Biology.

Henry Lyman, A.B., M.D., Research Fellow in Chemistry.

Ernest William Goodpasture, A.B., M.D., Research Fellow in Pathology.

Collis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital.

For one year from September 1, 1919:

Robert Battey Greenough, A.B., M.D., Surgeon.

Channing Chamberlain Simmons, M.D., Surgeon.

Edward Hammond Risley, M.D., Surgeon.

George Gilbert Smith, A.B., M.D., Assistant Surgeon.

George Adams Leland, Jr., A.B., M.D., Surgeon to Out-Patients.

Henry Asbury Christian, A.M., M.D., Consulting Physician.

Francis Weld Peabody, A.B., M.D., Consulting Physician.

George Richards Minot, A.B., M.D., Physician.

Daniel Crosby Greene, A.B., M.D., Laryngologist.

Arlie Vernon Bock, A.B., M.D., Assistant Physician