The straw vote on the ratification of the peace treaty today, will be regarded everywhere as the real opinion of Harvard. In view of this fact the student body should refuse to allow itself to be misrepresented.

Unfortunately it is all too true that in a very great many instances, popular elections throughout the country are only attended by a comparative minority. Smaller issues and candidates for petty positions are almost uniformly neglected by the better class of citizens. Hence there comes into power the crooked alderman and the "gang boss." This latter type could not exist if the voting privilege were universally used.

A representative government relies for its existence on the theory that its citizens will vote. Harvard is considered one of the best preparations for good citizenship. The way she casts her vote will be taken as the attitude of the class she represents. In fairness to our critics and to ourselves, all of us should register an opinion, one way or another, on the peace treaty.