Yale Hockey Team Has Promise

The Yale hockey team broke even on its Christmas trip, winning two of its four games. Particularly noticeable in a review of these games was the increased effectiveness of the Eli's offense as continued practice made possible closer team play.

After losing to the veteran Quaker City team which has been uniformly successful in its games this season, by the score of 7 to 1, the Yale seven was beaten 7 to 3 by the fast St. Paul's School team which because of its three weeks' previous practice, plainly out-classed their rivals in every department of the game. In the last two games of the trip, Yale staged a comeback and took both of the games with Carnegie Tech by the scores of 5 to 0 and 6 to 0.

The prospects for a winning hockey team this year are very good. The combination of the forwards, Foster and Shinas, seems to be very effective, and has been responsible for most of the team's scores.