The University swimming team opens its season tonight at the Boston Y. M. C. A. pool on Huntington avenue in a dual meet with Brown. The match is scheduled to start at 8 o'clock. Admission is free.

The University team is at present much handicapped by the lack of experienced men. Captain A. H. Brackett ocC., W. W. Douglass '22, and P. K. Thomas ocC., are the only veterans on the squad. There are a number of promising men from the 1923 Freshman team who promise to develop into consistent point scorers. The team is further handicapped by the ineligibility of several experienced men.

Tonight's meet is expected to be closely contested, as Brown is noted for producing a strong, well-balanced team. The University men are entered as follows: Relay, R. D. Gross '23, W. Wyman '23, R. F. Thayer '23 and A. H. Brackett ocC.; dive, R. W. Boyden '21 and H. M. Doherty '21; 50-yard dash, A. H. Brackett ocC. and W. Wyman '23; 220-yard swim, W. W. Douglass '22 and N. H. Parsons '22; plunge, E. M. Rubin '22 and P. K. Thomas ocC.; 100-yard dash, A. H. Brackett ocC. and R. D. Gross '23.