Another Vote for the "Giant 'H'"

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The question of the "H" on the power plant next to Standish Hall is certainly worthy of more notice than it has so far received. The power house is today the outstanding ugly feature of the Charles River front. The three handsome Freshman Dormitories would make the tract very pretty were it not for this ugly structure. The construction of the "H" would make the plant an addition to the appearance of the waterfront instead of a blot. The giant "H" would catch the eye of every passer-by, consequently causing the plant itself to be unnoticed. Thus, the entire appearance of that area would be changed; ruined today by the ugly power house, it would then be impressive and beautiful through the Freshman Halls and the giant "H". The matter ought to be taken up without delay, and by the time another yearling class comes to Harvard they will have a thoroughly handsome residence. H. J. Wober '24