Dormitory Hockey Organized

Those Freshmen hockey candidates who have been cut from the first squad, have been divided into three dormitory squads, and will compete for the interdormitory championship. Temporary captains have been appointed as follows; Gore Hall, R. L. Raymond; Smith Halls, J. DuBois; Standish, H. A. LuFarge.

There is to be a series of nine games, six for each team. The championship will go to the team having the highest percentage at the end of the season. Games will be played on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Two teams will play, while the third practices. In case of unfavorable weather, the games will be postponed and played as soon as possible.

Men playing on the dormitory teams will be excused from compulsory physical training. P. E. Wilson '23 will be in charge of the teams. Any men who have had any hockey experience whatsoever are urged to report to him at once.