Time Trials Held Yesterday Show Lack of Experienced Material for Yearling Quartet

Time trials were held for the first time yesterday for the 1924 relay team, which will compete against the Yale Freshmen in the coming B. A. A. Games. J. E. Merrill, who played on the Yearling football team last fall, turned in the best time. H. W. Davis, P. Gossler and T. Campbell were tied for second place, all covering the distance in the same time. Coach Bingham expressed disappointment with the number of men out for the relay team. "The material is none too good, and we would like to have more men out. The more men we have to pick from the better chance we have of getting a team which will beat Yale." Several more time trials will be taken before the team is finally chosen.

Trials for the University $80-yard relay team will be held today. E. T. Doherty '22, A. W. Douglass '21, A. J. Fox '21, J. A. McCarthy '22 and Captain D. F. O'Connell '21, are men left from last year's squad who are likely to hand in good times, while Captain J. F. Kennedy and J. W. Grimm of last year's 1928 relay team, and W. C. Bennett show promise.

Eddie Farrell wants more Freshmen out for the field events. "Nothing could please me more than to see the whole football team come in for the weight events. I don't care whether they've had any experience or not; in a year from now they would all be good shot-putters. Another thing, there are only two Freshmen out for the pole-vault. Unless more men come out. Yale and Princeton will be able to outscore us easily in these events."