Score of Game, Featured by Rough Play and Fouls, is 35 to 27

In a game featured by numerous fouls, the Harvard Freshman quintet topped the Cushing Academy team, 35-27, Saturday afternoon in the Freshman Gymnasium. The Crimson men led throughout but they did not play up to their usual form. The game was slow for the most part, but the passing of both teams improved at the end, although the Cushing five lacked scoring ability.

At the start the Freshmen had several chances to score but missed them, and Captain Clough of Cushing was the first to score. Captain Gordon soon evened the count, however, and from then on the Freshmen had the best of it. Clever passing by Gordon and J. H. Sipp for the '24 men resulted in several baskets, while Gordon's free throws added to the Freshmen's lead. At half-time the Crimson yearlings topped their heavier opponents 19-14.

In the second period fouls completely marred the play, but both fives displayed better team work, and several substitutions were made by Harvard and Cushing.

Captain Gordon of the '24 team was high point maker, being responsible for four goals from the floor and ten points from the foul line; while J. H. Sipp came second with 5 baskets. Kneass of Cushing starred for his team. Summary: HARVARD '24.  CUSHING ACADEMY. Gordon, r.f.  l.g., Kneass, Lee Stevens, Wasserman, l.f.  r.g., Halloran, Foster Sipp, c.  c., Clough Black, r.g.  l.f., Comerford Rudolfsky, Kohn, l.g.  r.f., Young

Baskets from floor, Sipp 5, Gordon 4, Kneass 4, Clough 4, Stevens, Black. Free throws, Gordon 13, Kneass 11. Referee, Hoyt. Time, 20-minute halves.