Knox's Brilliant Playing Defeats Yale by Extra-Period Scores

Playing six-man hockey, Princeton defeated Yale Saturday night at the Ice Palace in Philadelphia by the score of 4-2. After three fifteen minute periods full of thrilling action, the teams were deadlocked with two goals each, but in the five-minute overtime period Princeton shone brilliantly, and chiefly because of Knox's fast playing, scored two goals.

The first plan was to play a "sudden death" period, but as the Yale team had to catch a train it was decided to play one five-minute period and then call the game off. For the first two minutes play was even, when there was a mixup in front of the Yale goal, Knox was the first man to get free, and hurriedly pushed the puck past Root for the winning goal. A minute later, in order to make the victory sure, Knox stated the length of the ice and made the fourth goal.