At Keith's on Monday night, contrary to what one has come to expect on the ordinary vaudeville program, there were no poor acts sandwiched in between the head liners. A good gymnastic exhibition, a clever sketch--"The Dizzy Heights"; interesting juggling and patter by the Royal Gascoignes, well rendered monologues by Beatrice Herford, and a bit of dancing by Misses Brown and Weston, all went to make up a diverting program.

The chief feature, however, was the ten scenes in which the Singer Midgets appeared. The Midget strong man, the Midget conjurer, the Midget "Cleopatra" with the winning ways--these and many more were there. The Midget cowboys did their stunts, the Midget soldiers marched, and the Midget singer rendered "Girl of My Dreams", while the beauties of the chorus went on miniature fashion parade. Taken all in all, a very good example of small people "going big".