Mr. A. E. Zimmern to Speak in Union

At 8 o'clock on the evening of Wednesday, November 30, Mr. Alfred Eckhard Zimmern, Wilson Professor of International Politics at the University College of Wales, will speak in the Trophy Room of the Union.

Mr. Zimmern has just returned from a year in Europe where he has been studying social and economic problems, with special reference to the nationalization schemes being forwarded in central Europe and Russia. It is on the recent and accurate information gathered during his trip that his address will be based.

Wilson Professor of International Politics at University College, Wales, since 1919, Mr. Zimmern was formerly a lecturer in ancient history at New College, Oxford, and from 1918-1919 a member of the Political Intelligence Department in the British Government. Besides being the author of several political essays Mr. Zimmern has also translated some volumes of Ferrero's "Greatness and Decline of Rome".