Mr. Roger N. Baldwin '05, in Address to Liberal Club Predicts Change in Economic Standards

"The time is coming," declared Mr. R. N. Baldwin '05, of New York City, in a speech yesterday afternoon under the auspices of the Student Liberal Club, "when a radical change will be made in economic standards. Labor is struggling to be heard and must eventually be provided with a channel through which to express itself."

One of the points most strongly emphasized by Mr. Baldwin was the state of public thought in this country at the present time. He pointed out that we are too often influenced by the effects of "mob rule", and as a result our ideas are generally not our own, but those of the great body of the people. It is our duty, therefore, to find out where our opinions come from to discard those due to the momentary impressions of the masses, and retain only the views which are the result of sincere and careful deliberation.