Four Hundred Guests to Be at Harvard Club-Speeches by Coaches, Major F. W. Moore '93, and Captains Kane and Buell-Team Invited to New York

Four, hundred guests will be present tonight at a banquet at the Harvard Club in Boston, given in honor of the University football team and coaches. Among those who have been invited to the dinner are the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the Board of Overseers, the Directors of the Alumni Association, the Governing Board of the Harvard Club of Boston, and others.

Dean L. B. R. Briggs '75 will preside at the dinner. Coach R. T. Fisher '12 and Coach W. H. Trumbull '15 will speak for the coaching staff, and Major F. W. Moore '93 will represent the H. A. A. while R. K. Kane '22, captain of year's team, and C. C. Buell '23, captain of next year's team, will speak for the team itself.

An invitation has been extended the team by the Harvard Club of New York to attend a banquet in its honor in New York on either December 23 or January 7. It is more likely that the team will go on December 23.