The University hockey squad went through the stiffest work-out held to date at the Arena yesterday afternoon when it scrimmaged the fast and experienced B. A. A. team for 40 minutes, registering two goals against the blue-jerseyed players' nine. In the absence of Coach Claflin, Mr. Alfred Winsor '02 took charge of the Crimson hockey men. The two University goals were made by P. W. Butman '23 and Ridley Watts Jr. '23, who went in as substitutes at center and left wing respectively toward the close of practice.

After sending the University forwards through a brief session of going down on the defence, Coach Winsor lined up Team A against the B. A. A. players with C. W. Baker Jr. '22 at right wing, J. M. Martin '22 at center, Donald Angier '22 at left wing, W. E. Crosby Jr. '24 and Mitchell Gratwick '22 on the defence, and Hardwick Stires '23 at goal. This combination scrimmaged for 15 minutes before Team B was sent in and held the B. A. A. sextet to one goal.

The B. A. A. team lined up with G. A. Percy '18 at right wing, Hutchison at center, Ingalls at left wing, A. F. Doty '16 and Joseph Stubbs '20 on the defence, and LaCroix at goal. Percy was captain of the Crimson hockey team in 1918, while Doty and Stubbs both starred on the defence while in college, Ingalls captained the Yale team in 1920. Against this formidable combination of hockey men the Crimson showed excellent form, especially on the defence. The forwards checked back well and on the attack almost broke through the B. A. A. defence on several occasions.

Seconds Overwhelmed

When the substitute Crimson team went on the ice there was a marked inferiority in the playing, the B. A. A. sextet sweeping down again and again for easy tallies. Team B lined up practically the same as in Monday's practice with Nelson Cabot '24, Joseph Larocque Jr. '23 and J. J. Lee '24 in the forward line and S. C. Graves '24 and J. H. Dempsey '23 on the defence. J. G. Flint '23 took the place of P. M. Sears '22 at goal. On Team C the only change was G. G. Walker '24 playing left wing instead of R. S. Phillips '24.

The squad will go through another hard work-out today with a let-down tomorrow. It is probable that after today's practice the squad will be cut from its present number of 50 to about 25.